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Cookie Clicker

The game “Cookie Clicker” is an incremental game that rewards users for clicking on big cookies on the screen. You get one cookie for each cookie you click, but you have to use all of them in order to advance. Julien “Orteil” Thiennot created the game in 2013. The gameplay is based on simple increments of progress. After completing the first level, you can move on to the next. In this way, you will continue to earn more cookies for your effort.

In this incremental game, you must click on a big cookie to produce more cookies. Each click yields a single cookie, which you can spend on new assets. As your cookies grow in number, you can also buy upgraded versions of assets to produce more cookies faster. The game features hundreds of achievements. To earn high scores, you can set milestones for the number of cookies you earn each day. You can earn bonuses and other upgrades when you reach certain milestones.

To play Seismic Magic, you need to unlock the “Synergies Vol. 1” upgrade. Before you can unlock this skill, you must have a minimum of 15 Mines or Wizard Towers. The Mines and Wizard Towers give a 5% CpS, while Wizard Towers give 0.1% CpS. The best upgrades to earn more cookies are the Synergies. Once you have collected all of the necessary cookies, you can begin the game. The game is available on Google Play, Steam, and Windows, but the browser-based version is the most popular.