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Getaway Shootout

If you’re looking for a new shooting game to try, Getaway Shootout might be the perfect choice. Similar to the Rooftop Snipers game, this two player shooter has cool pixel graphics and an addictive gameplay. Players can choose from a variety of characters and weapons, and must escape to a safe haven. The controls in Getaway are simple and intuitive. The game features real physics and controls that allow you to use the roof, side, and W keys to crouch, jump, and strafe.

The game plays like an extreme-game, and the only way to win is to outrun your enemies! The aim of this game is to collect weapons and use them to escape the dangerous environment. You can play against a computer or a friend, and the multiplayer mode allows you to compete against your friend. The game is easy to learn and to play, and is fun for the entire family. You can even play against a friend using the same keyboard.

Getaway Shootout is a fun and addicting action game that uses 3 buttons to control your character. The main objective of the game is to escape a dangerous building. To do this, you must collect weapons and boost your speed to reach the exit. The game is easy enough to play alone, or you can play with a friend on the same keyboard. You can also play against a PC or a friend, depending on the number of players.