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Super Mario Bros

The platform game Super Mario Bros. was designed by Shigeru Miyamoto and Gunpei Yokoi, two chief engineers at Nintendo. The game features Italian twin plumbers who exterminate sewer creatures. They are a part of the Super Mario series, and it’s a classic. Today, millions of people play Super-Mario games. The game’s popularity is still strong. This article will cover some of the most memorable moments in the game.

The first world Mario must survive is Devil World. The game’s creators, Takashi Tezuka and Shigeru Miyamoto, drew inspiration from their previous experiences making Super Mario games, such as the arcade game Mario Bros. The Devil World serves as a tutorial for platform gameplay. In World 1, Mario must stand on top of a pipe to transform into its super form. In World 2, Luigi must break two blocks in front of him to return to his smaller state.

The second game, Super Mario 64, focuses more on action than Mario’s adventures in the previous two games. The game is divided into two sections: the ground and the sky. The goal is to reach the flag to defeat Bowser. To do this, Mario has to shoot the enemies he encounters. The controls are different than the first two, as the up arrow is used to jump. In World 8-4, the player must defeat Bowser to reach the end.